Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Super easy plaited scarf

This is a scarf I created for a friend. I wanted something to showcase a few colours that was easy to knit while watching tv. I also wanted to use larger needles because they're easier on my hands.

This would make a great beginner project for someone who wants to knit something other than a plain garter stitch scarf.

You could easily use three very different colours, three complimentary colours like I did, or three shades of the same colour. I'm sure you could also be really tricky and use novelty yarns, or make the scarf in stripes.

You will need:

8mm needles

3 colours of 8 ply (DK) yarn. I used Acrylic because my scarves always get lost in the car and I like being able to chuck them in the washing machine. I used about 50g of each ball, although this will vary depending on how long you want to make your scarf.

Invisible thread - available from most sewing shops.

Wool needle.


Using two strands of Colour One, CO 6 stitches.

Working in Stockinette stitch, knit until piece is as long as desired.

Remember, you will be plaiting the scarf, so you will lose as much as 25% length. If in doubt, knit more! I did roughly 450 rows, and it just wasn't enough.

You piece of knitting will curl into a tube. This is great, as it makes it double warm! However, if you want a flatter scarf, you could add a K border on each piece.

Repeat with Colour Two, and Colour Three.

You should have three long tubes of knitting. Now for the fun part.

Line the tubes up in whichever order you prefer. I'll assume you used One, Two, Three.

Using your wool needle and invisible thread, tightly stitch the three tops together. I would push the needle through the tube, so the bulk of the thread is inside.

Once you've secured the tops, you need to plait the tubes.

In case you don't know how to plait:

Take the left hand tube and pass it over the middle tube.

Take the right hand tube and pass it over the new middle tube (which used to be the left hand tube).

Continue passing them over in the order until you reach the end.

That wasn't a very good description, but there are lots of youtube vids out there if you get stuck!

Make sure to pull the plait nice and tight.

Once you've plaited all the tubes, use the invisible thread to sew the bottom together.

I had a bit left over, so I turned it over to make a neat end.

And it's done. You have a nice snuggly scarf for winter!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'd also like to see your creations. Hope you like my first pattern :)


Lisa said...

Very simple yet effective design :)

Yay well done :) Almost makes me want to actually knit something!!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow Fantastic!